Develop A Strategy for Social Success

At NOW Digital Marketing we know the first step to a successful online presence is a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes social media. Social media is a tool we utilize to connect you with your audience.

We start with a human strategy by immersing ourselves into your business. We’ll discuss your community, the families you serve and what they have been saying to you. Then we discover what they are researching and find the conversations they are having or want to have with your firm.

Our strategy for your funeral home starts with WHO you are talking to before we move into the Where and the What.



Social Media

Social media is no longer just an option. It’s also not just a tactic and is changing faster than most things. You can’t ignore it. You should be using it strategically. Understanding social media and its platforms are one of our strengths. We won’t tell you to post inspiration posts or GIFs. Each social strategy is created after we develop a full understanding of your business, your goals, your community, content and competition. We don’t recommend platforms and content just because everyone else is doing it – how would you stand out in the noise if we did that?

Different thinking = Different results.  Apply for a social media consultation or sign up for an instant consult.

Business Consulting

Have some questions about starting or growing your business online?

We can help you. Sometimes you don’t necessarily need a whole other team to do something, you just need some guidance or a second opinion about what is already being done. We will draw on our 40+ years of experience in the funeral industry and our experience as mentors to startups as well as existing business leaders in our community to guide you in the right direction.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not dead, we just breathe new life into it as a strategy to help your funeral home and your funeral directors stand out online as the experts & community leaders you are. While many funeral homes want to use Search Engine Optimization to climb to Page 1 of Google the funeral homes that stand out online and are thriving in their community adopt a different approach.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is at the center and core of everything we do for content for our clients. We use SEO as a tool to build out a comprehensive content strategy that encompasses your funeral home social media platforms, website and blogs. It is the foundation of our success in getting our clients known in the funeral industry as the community leaders they are.

Because being on Page 1 of Google is interesting and cool, we never believed it was the answer.  When our clients ask us to make them #1 on Google, we ask, “Why?” or “You want to be #1 for what?” It’s more important for us to know what part of the conversation you want your content to play than the keyword you want to rank for. Our SEO strategy is based in long-term thinking not a short-term solution.

Doing something different gets our clients better results. Get started with an SEO Audit.

Information Architecture & User Experience

Your website is your front door. People find you online, can they find the answers to their questions quickly and easily on your website? We can help you fine-tune your content on your website or work with your web designer if they do not provide this type of service. Most do.

Content Marketing

Content feeds the digital ecosystem. You need to create content. Trick is to create quality content not just regurgitate content others are doing or sharing. It’s about your service to your community, it’s about your history as a firm, as a human being, as a community leader. It’s about your families and their stories. Quality not quantity and long-term thinking are what wins the race.

We can provide your funeral firm with content audits & content strategy through an integrated marketing strategy.

Propel your content forward with a content audit.

Helping your community is a powerful thing to do.

There is always something that can be done. 

Tamara MacDuff