Case Study
McKenzie Funeral Services

North & West Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

In October 2011, Mildred McKenzie reached out to me to help her get her firm online with their new website and location in West Vancouver, BC. They had zero social media followers or pages. I set up their Facebook Page and Twitter account. I also conducted an SEO Audit and ultimately got their site listed on the first two (2) pages of Google.

They were holding an event in November of 2011, an Executor and Estate Planning Seminar. When we started working with them, there was two (2) weeks until the event. With the follower count at 0 on Twitter and Facebook, I began researching how to get the information out to those interested in the community. I began tweeting and using hashtags, both existing and ones I created. At the end of that very first Twitter campaign, they had approximately 50 attendees, mostly hearing about the event  from social media, Twitter in particular.

In less than one year, I was able to create a strong online presence for them between social media and their website. I accomplished this using an SEO strategy across platforms.