Case Study
Funerals by T.S. Warden

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Mr. Tyrone Warden contacted me in the spring of 2012. He needed help optimizing his website and social media presence. At the time he did have a Facebook page set up, he didn’t have the staff nor the time to keep up with it; yet recognized it was important.
I conducted an SEO Audit to determine what and where his website was ranking. Next step was to set out to fill in the holes by adding appropriate tags, titles and descriptions. I re-wrote some of the content on his website. To reflect his community in Florida and the population he served.
I then turned to his Facebook page and began researching. Curated content was prepared that was appropriate to share with his community. Almost immediately he had some engagement. Visits to his website from his Facebook page also increased. His search rankings increased as well. He occupied a few spots on the first page of Google for his location and chosen keywords.
While I managed his SEO and Social Media community engagement and awareness increased. This increased his influence within his community. He went from being ranked in the 30’s and 40’s to being in the Top 10 on Google.