Case Study
Coffee Connection

Rochester, New York, USA

The Coffee Connection is a popular coffee house located in Rochester NY. They employ women in recovery who run the stores – everything from HR to Sales of their coffee and beans to wholesalers, such as local restaurants.

Coffee Connection is a non-profit organization and because I believe in what they are doing and how they are saving women’s lives, I offered my services Pro Bono. They needed a more cohesive social media strategy for their 3 stores and to get ready for the Annual Roc The Day campaign Day of Giving; a social media driven fundraising campaign.

The goal they set for themselves for 2016 was $1,000. I ran the campaign with Facebook Live Video, videos of the women describing their journey and how the Coffee Connection helped them and I wrote an article on my LinkedIn about Why I ROC’d the Day with them. I shared their link on the Roc The Day website and others shared and donated as well.

The end of the campaign saw their goal exceeded by approximately $500 for a total raised of $1,500. I was happy to have been a part of such a successful campaign. Their social media across all of their channels has started to gel, even though I am no longer a part of their board. I do fully support them in their efforts and am working towards getting more involved with them once again.

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