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Growing up as a funeral home kid in Rochester NY, I had to be very quiet between 2-4 and 7-9 during visitation hours. My brother and I would have whisper fights between each other, longest 2 hours of my life!!

I achieved a Master’s in Organizational Management and an Associate’s degree in Mortuary Science. I continue on the legacy created by my father and grand father. Both were achieved leaders in the community between Rotary Chapter’s and Masonic Lodge.

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“Think Big and Build” – R. Kenneth Crawford

My grandfather, Kenneth Crawford, was our family patriarch and my biggest influence. He was many things to many people, a Son, Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Friend, Mason, Community Leader, Funeral Director, Business Owner and most importantly a Grandfather and Great-Grandfather.

He lived his life with 2 mottos: Service above Self and Think Big and Build.

These mottos were woven into the tapestry of his life. A tapestry of Bold brushstrokes of vivid color because he brought so much color, love and laughter to any room and any person he could.

Together we will think big and build your funeral home’s legacy and we will ignite your impact for your families.

Fearless Leader

Tamara MacDuff offers personal experience, education, and a commitment to her father’s legacy. This powerful combination provides clients with a diverse and nuanced social media strategy. One that offers clients the opportunity to realize their potential and thrive.



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